Vocal Pop Psy

Vocal Pop Psy

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Introducing "Vocal Pop Psy" - a unique pack that seamlessly blends the best of Dance Pop and Psy Trance styles into a harmonious fusion of samples!

The pulsating rolling basslines that charge with irresistible rhythm and energy, combined with the mesmerizing vocals that infuse emotions, "Vocal Pop Psy" takes your tracks to another level. The accelerated tempo adds a burst of festival vibes and irresistible dance energy, captivating listeners and filling the dancefloor with infectious grooves. Indulge in the richness of the juicy and fat drums that transcend boundaries and effortlessly adapt to various musical styles.

But that's not all! This pack goes beyond expectations, incorporating elements from other genres such as synthwave, country, and cinematic to add a touch of creative versatility to your productions. Drawing inspiration from global hitmakers like Gabry Ponte, Timmy Trumpet, and LUM!X, "Vocal Pop Psy" guarantees a fresh sound that will instantly elevate your music.

Enhance your producer arsenal with the latest and most captivating sounds of "Vocal Pop Psy" and let your creativity soar to new heights.

Content of the pack:
Total File Size: 1.05 GB (Un-Zipped)
Total Audio Files: 414
Total Presets Files: 14 (Serum), 4 (Spire), 2 (Massive)
Total MIDI Files: 84
7x Vocal Hooks