Vocal Midtempo

Vocal Midtempo

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Hello everyone! Dropgun Samples and Lakros are glad to present to your attention our newest sample pack — «Vocal Midtempo». It has absorbed all the most current trends of the genre so that each of you can get the maximum tools to create outstanding hits!

Here you will find a lot of first-class content for every taste: from fascinating vocal parts, chops and one-shots, to all kinds of loops, atmospheres, and rhythm sections. All this and much more will help you to truly reveal all the secrets of the Midtempo style. A rich selection of various effects and instruments will help you upgrade your promising ideas and bring your tracks to a fundamentally new level of quality. This sample pack is perfect for musicians whose goal is to be recognizable and genuinely touch the souls of listeners.

We hope that all our many years of experience invested in creating this sample pack will be something unique for you, and will help your tracks sound as cool as ever. With this collection, you will have all the latest trending solutions and we are sure that all your listeners will be delighted!

Content of the pack:
Total File Size: 1,32 GB (Un-Zipped)
Total Audio Files: 604
Total Presets Files: 36 (Serum)
Total Midi Files: 37