Synchronice Future Pop

Synchronice Future Pop

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We are proud to present the Dropgun Synchronice sample pack 

Synchronice is a US based duo consisting of brothers Will and James Saulsky, known for their powerful and melodic sound, combining electronic genres with pop sensibilities and organic instruments

Their writing and production has earned them acclaim from some of top producers and publications in music, and has accumulated tens of millions of steams across the internet. This pack brings years of experience and collaborative energy to your own projects, allowing you to incorporate the group’s characteristic set of sounds into your process. Each construction kit includes every tool you need, from synth patches, to midi loops, to drum samples to vocal tracks

Apply post-processing to the synth patches, stretch and chop the loops and midi, morph the vocals, or use the sounds as they are, no matter what genre you specialize in, let this pack spur your creativity. 

Content of the pack: 

Total file size: 564 MB (Un-zipped) 
Total Audio Files: 253 
Total Midi Files: 28 
Total Preset Files: 15 
5 x Construction Kits 
5 x Vocals are 100% Royalty Free