Mainstream Tech House

Mainstream Tech House

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Introducing "Mainstream Tech House": the ultimate sample pack for dance music producers, designed to ignite creativity in the realm of mainstream tech house music and electronic dance music in general.

"Mainstream Tech House" offers a comprehensive collection of high-quality loops, one-shots, and presets perfectly suited for the dynamic and energetic sound of tech house, house, techno, progressive, future house music. This carefully curated pack provides producers with all the necessary tools to create chart-topping tracks, club bangers, and festival anthems.

Dive into a vast selection of expertly produced drum loops, percussions, basslines, synth melodies, vocals, and atmospheric effects, providing a diverse palette of sounds to inspire your productions.

Unlock a world of sonic possibilities with our meticulously crafted presets, covering a wide spectrum of genres and styles. From rich and powerful basses to ethereal pads, soaring leads, and intricate arpeggios, presets that deliver exceptional sonic quality.

Reveal the full potential of your productions with "Mainstream Tech House". Take your tracks to new heights, captivate dancefloors worldwide, and establish your signature sound in the ever-evolving world of electronic music.

Content of the pack:
Total File Size: 1.37 GB (Un-Zipped)
Total Audio Files: 530
Total Presets Files: 24 (Serum), 20 (Sylenth1)
Total MIDI Files: 33
7x Vocal Hooks