Blessed Trap & Hip Hop

Blessed Trap & Hip Hop

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Dropgun Samples presents a new collection of construction Trap & Hip Hop kits under the "Blessed" line.

This sample pack is filled with many trendy, melodic sounding dark loops that are suitable for both experience music producers and beginners.

This time we tried to make the most useful material for you to make cool melodic Trap and Hip Hop beats. This pack is filled with juicy percussion that are perfect for any genre.

By purchasing our pack, you will discover a sea of new opportunities in your production, update your libraries to achieve new heights in the music industry. This entire pack is absolutely aimed at those with a professional approach to music production. Making this pack, we relied on top sounds from leading artists around the world. You will find a combination of percussion parts, hi-hat loops, and punchy attack snares that necessary to create incredible jamming and unique Trap & Hip Hop compositions. Only a juicy 808 bass can complement and spice up a cool melodic loop and powerful percussion, with a fascinating rhythm, timbre and melody. To make this pack super usable and necessary for everyone, we have made a whole collection of melodic loops that will be the perfect base for your beat. 100 STACK loops, each with a MIDI, plus 124 leading groove loops.

Don't miss the opportunity to plunge into a real trendy trap sound!
Blessed Trap & Hip Hop - Your Choice!

Content of the pack:
Total File Size: 1960 MB (Un-Zipped)
Total Audio Files: 811
Total MIDI Files: 203
Total Presets Files: 102 (Serum,Massive)
10 x Construction Kits