Vocal Halfstep

Vocal Halfstep

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We at Dropgun Samples are thrilled to announce our new sample pack - "Vocal Halfstep"!

In this pack, we've combined innovative sound design with the warmth of analog synthesizers to create a truly unique and exciting sound. Just listen to the demo, and you'll be amazed!

This pack features robust and impactful drums that will elevate the power of your tracks. The melodic and bass loops are innovative, memorable, and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your listeners. Additionally, the pack includes high-quality and distinctive vocals by Madishu!

We hope you enjoy the result of our efforts and we eagerly await to hear the new and creative tracks you'll produce with "Vocal Halfstep".

Content of the pack:
Total File Size: 2.13 GB (Un-Zipped)
Total Audio Files: 537
Total MIDI Files: 69
7x Vocal Hooks